Lodi Design Studio

Diana Lodi, Creative Director and Educator

The Future of Design


via: http://www.5dconference.com

Digital technologies are blurring the boundaries between the passive and interactive experience of visual art, entertainment, environmental design, and the built environment. For all those engaged in the creative process of world-building and storytelling in narrative media, 5D: The Immersive Design Conference is the platform for exploring the present and future of immersive design, and its impact on all aspects of the creative media space. Our goal is to unite a vital community of designers and image-makers and to serve as a catalyst for innovation.

There is an interesting dialogue about the role of design on the 5D website. Thinking about how design can ‘change the world’  reevaluates the relationship between form and function; transforming the art form into a necessary and relevant factor in shaping the way we live. A design has the potential to depart from the commercial application we think of by default to something much larger and more important in the big scheme of things.