Lodi Design Studio

Diana Lodi, Creative Director and Educator

Month: July 2014

Responsive Images Solution

The picture element is a markup pattern that allows developers to declare multiple sources for an image. By using media queries, it gives developers control as to when and if those images are presented to the user. via ResponsiveImages.org.

Breaking Development Conference 2014

Breaking Developments (BDConf) is a boutique multi location conference about the mobile web. It is a gathering of passionate, forward thinking web professionals looking to improve their mobile and Responsive Design skills and to interact with industry leaders in the areas of mobile design and User Experience. via BDConf.

Is Quality Universal?

When thinking about Deconstructive and Reconstructive Postmodernism, I agree with French critic Jean-Francois Lyotard, quality cannot be universal. Culturally we appreciate different qualities, so Greenberg’s claim that good art is trans-historical would be appropriate for judging formal qualities, but when contemporary art no longer emphasizes formal qualities this method of evaluation would not apply. Graphic