Lodi Design Studio

Diana Lodi, Creative Director and Educator

Month: October 2009

Italian Design Studios

Visit some awesome Italian design studios…yes I am bias. Louise Fili, Louise Fili Ltd. (louisefili.com) Francesco Cavalli, LeftLoft (leftloft.com) Massimo Vignelli, Vignelli Associates (vignelli.com) Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design (mucca.com)

Oppose Genetically Modified Crops

Introduced more than a decade ago, genetically modified crops are now planted on millions of acres throughout the world. But the fundamental questions about them remain — both about their safety and their long-term impact on global food security and the environment. via Yale Environment 360.

Web Design Job Listings

One of the most liberating moments in your career is when you have complete control of your daily work schedule. For most people, flexibility is not an option. I stumbled upon a site that lists web and creative jobs,  http://www.authenticjobs.com. A number of the job locations read ‘Anywhere’…love that!