Lodi Design Studio

Diana Lodi, Creative Director and Educator

Graphic Design reDefined

There is a constant debate and struggle surrounding nomenclature in Graphic Design. Historically, the industry was divisible in terms of media output: print, web, TV, etc. This distinction can no longer be used…the industry has evolved into an all-encompassing field where the boundaries between art, design and technology have been woven into a very complex, yet beautiful, art form.

Most designers are aware of this shift in thinking and making, but what do we call this art form? New Media seems like a misnomer…Digital Media creates a disconnect from the traditional aspects of Fine Arts…Trans-media is better, but may not be recognizable enough.

Perhaps the solution is simpler than we think. The meaning of Graphic Design could be redefined to include what designers have already implemented as part of their repertoire. Examining the designer of the future could be a good place to begin.

via Defining the Designer of 2015 — AIGA | the professional association for design.