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Find Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job is easy…if you know where to look. Some job sites are general, while others are industry-specific. For creative positions, start with sites that are specific to advertising, marketing, and design. There are several job-search pages that are hosted by industry publications and professional organizations. Do Your Research Design jobs are competitive,

Social Media Can Make You Smarter

Social media is changing the way we send and receive messages and, ultimately, the way we live and learn. The ability of the technology to ‘push’ interesting and valuable information without lengthy research provides inspiration in a an unbelievably efficient and effortless manner. Once you’re connected to the correct sources it’s really a matter of

Italian Design Studios

Visit some awesome Italian design studios…yes I am bias. Louise Fili, Louise Fili Ltd. (louisefili.com) Francesco Cavalli, LeftLoft (leftloft.com) Massimo Vignelli, Vignelli Associates (vignelli.com) Matteo Bologna, Mucca Design (mucca.com)